Measuring is the foundation of any industrial monitoring or control system. Our technicians are qualified, approved and equipped with testing and measurement hardware for acquiring of any
industrial measurements. We can timely and accurate acquire any required measurement in the most demanding industrial environments:

  • Electrical installation tests
    • Different electrical values measurement (voltage, current, power, resistance, frequency, phase sequence…)
    • Insulation test
    • Earth Fault Loop Impedance
    • Operation of Residual Current Devices (RCD’s)
    • Continuity of Protective Conductors and Equipotential Bonding
    • Earth resistance measurement
    • Dielectric test
    • Operation of Over-Current Circuit-Breakers
    • Overload electric motor protection test
    • Gas concentration controlling
    • Calibrations  of instrumentation equipment for:
      • temperature measuring (up-to 600 C)
      • pressure check (0-250 bar)
      • gas flow calibrations
      • temperature calibrations (up-to 600 C)
    • Hazardous areas (Ex) electrical installation's tests (listed above)

Final test reports, issued after the inspection has been done are:

  • Site protocol
  • Test reports
  • Quality control reports
  • As built documentation
  • Start up procedures
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Compliance reports
  • Risk assessment report