IMI INSTROMONT  ENGINEERING d.o.o.  prepare procedures and timing for preventive and corrective maintenance activities for all kinds of industrial plants and facilities. In accordance with the
rules of regulations for technical supervision national Ex-Agency has assessed the qualifications of "IMI INSTROMONT ENGINEERING d.o.o". Based on this mutual agreement, IMI INSTROMONT
ENGINEERING d.o.o. was entered in the register of approved installers for maintenance activities (TN-ODA 09133). We operate as a services provider for the maintenance activities mentioned above,
in accordance with the standard HRN EN 60079-17 and other relative standards.

  • The base of quality for all activities mentioned before are:
  • Educated and qualified personnel
  • Multiannual experience
  • Permanent and active following and reviewing of technical regulations, procedures, manuals,
  • Adequate tools, equipment,


  • LPG plant "ETAN Ivanic Grad – INA" d.d.
    Instrumentation equipment maintenance (more then 4000 units of control and signal circuits and  related Ex-installations in hazard area
  • HEP- d.d. Zagreb - State thermo-energetic power plants (19 locations):
    Maintenance, overhaul services, and reporting to the "National Ex-agency"
  • MUP-Zagreb (Ministry of home affaires):
    Maintenance, overhaul services, and reporting to the "National Ex-agency" at thermo-energetic power plants
  • Sisak oil refinery:
    Electro-instrumentation equipment and installations setup.